The Ducks were pretty well one of the best garage rock bands ever, bar none! This was before “garage band” became a label (like “punk” in the late ’70s and “grunge” after that in the late 80’s). Their sets consisted of alot of Yardbirds, Rolling Stones and Pretty Things stuff as well as some great blues standards – I loved their shows! Then they got into writing their own material and with songs like “Nothing” (still a standout cut whenever it gets airplay) they became legendary as pioneers on the ’60s Toronto rock scene. In 1967 I was asked to join (just after the Apostles had folded) and replaced Roger Mayne on lead guitar – it was great timing. “Gaslight” was charting nationally across Canada and they already had a huge following – I played and toured with them until late 1968 when I left to form McKenna-Mendelson Mainline with Joe (Mendelson).