“SLIDEWINDER was a band I put together back in the mid 1990s when I started playing again after a somewhat drawn-out hiatus due to family matters. I first got together with Stevie and did alot of (mostly acoustic) gigs along the Danforth in Toronto in some really small clubs, just the two of us. F**k all audiences at first but then word got around and soon wherever we played it was to a full house. From that came the first incarnation of Slidewinder. The first Slidewinder band was together maybe a year or so and we did alot of travellling around southern Ontario playing the small club and bar circuit. Everywhere we played we met with enthusiastic crowds – mostly because of my previous work with McKenna-Mendelson Mainline.The gigs were great and we all had alot of fun playing together. Didn’t pay particularly well, but It got me back in front of an audience again with a solid band and people got to hear me do what I love doing best – playing live. It also gave some quite talented musicians a chance to spread their wings a little”.

“In 1997 I recorded “MIKE McKENNA & SLIDEWINDERr” with a totally different lineup. This was a group of older and very polished musicians with whom I’d worked with on and off over the years. They were, and are, a bunch of very experienced guys and well known in their own right for their work in (Toronto) bands like Downchild and the Paupers (the Paupers opened at the now internationally famous Monterey Pop Festival in ’67) among others. We laid down some great tracks and they helped me put together an outstanding CD.”