“MCKENNA MENDELSON MAINLINE is perhaps the band that I am most associated with. Joe, Tony, Zeke and I we just got everything together at the right time. The photo above is one of my favourites – it was taken when we played at an open air concert at Nathan Phillips Square (1970). Me on the left, Tony Nolasco on drums, (the late) Frank “Zeke” Sheppard on bass and Joe Mendelson (in the cap & sunglasses) on the far right on guitar and lead vocals.”

“ONE OF THE FAVOURITE VENUES we played was The Rockpile on the north west corner of Davenport and Yonge. It was also known as the Masonic Temple. (Now it’s home to CTV television). Everyone played there – Led Zeppelin, the Who, Jeff Beck (with Rod Stewart), ALice Cooper, Muddy Waters, Arthur Brown, Chuck Berry … it became perhaps the city’s classic rock icon. We backed John Lee Hooker (who suggested we go to England) and opened for Buddy Guy there (December 8th, 1968) – both GREAT blues musicians and alot of fun to play with. We also headlined our own shows before and after we went to and came back from England – great shows and great crowds. In those days I played a ’59 Sunburst Gibson Les Paul (through two Marshall 200 watt Plexi stacks) – it had unbelievable action and great sound through those amps … I really loved that guitar (I’d had it since the Luke & the Apostles and the Duck days). I had several Les Pauls one of which I sold to Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead when the Apostles opened for them (and the Jeferson Airplane) at the O’keefe theatre in the late 60s. The ’59 Sunburst was the one I played the most and its the one I used on the STINK album when we recorded in England (which by the way, took place over a couple of months, NOT one day as popularly reported). Unfortunately it (my ’59 Gibson) was later stolen out of my car after a show in Buffalo I think. I bought that guitar for almost nothing ( two or three hundred bucks i think) and I won’t even begin to tell you what it is worth today!”