DIAMONDBACK was an ambitious project I got into after Mainline finally folded in 1974. It involved alot of very talented musicians and I always felt we really played well together.The line up in 1974 was me on guitar, Scott Cushnie (keyboards and vocals), Peter McGraw (vocals), Howie Smith (bass & vocals), Rick Love (drums and percussion), Stan Endersby (guitar) and Micky McCallum (congas & percussion). We used to play in and around Toronto on pretty well a regular basis for awhile. We recorded a great album back then but somehow it was never released and the band members ended up drifting onto other projects. I felt I did some of my best playing on those sessions and the songwriting and vocals were really strong – everyone’s performance was stellar. It was too bad that “Diamondback ’74” never hit the shelves.

Thirty years later (and largely due to the efforts and support of Richard love), DIAMONDBACK got back together in the fall and winter of 2007 / 2008 to rehearse, spend some time in the studio and digitally re-record what we had done back in the ’70s. The tracks all came out great and sounding even better than they did the first time around, but yet again history repeats and the CD has yet to be released. We did perform a series of live gigs at Dominion on Queen here in Toronto over the following summer of 2008. The line up was me (guitars), Scott Cushnie (keyboards), Peter McGraw (vocals), Richie Love (drums /percussion) Joe Agnello (bass), Mike Fonfara (keyboards) – with Sonnie Bernardi (of Crowbar fame) also joining us on some cuts (on drums)