The Apostles

“Luke and the Apostles grew out a group I had formed with Graham Dunsmore on bass and drummer Rick McMurray (we were known as “Mike’s Trio”). That was in mid ’64 and we played the Yorkville scene on a pretty regular basis. In the fall, Rick introduced Luke (Gibson) to us and he took on the lead vocal spot.

We went through a number of lineup changes – we had a harmonica player (Ray Bennett) for awhile, Pat Little played drums when Rick left, and we had a new bass player (Jim Jones) replacing Graham. At one point Paul Rothchild (who later gained recognition producing the Doors) heard us when we were playing in New York and wanted to sign us with Elektra Records. We cut a couple of singles and then Rothchild got busted for possession and did a year in jail. Needless to say the single went onhold and everything sort of ground to a halt. I remember hearing somehwere that Paul Rothchild later said the Luke and The Apostles material was the “greatest album he never made